Quality Editing and Proofreading Services

If you are looking for editing and proofreading services, not every company is as reputable as ours. They may hire unqualified and uneducated professionals to edit your paper or document. This can be disastrous if they suggest you to make changes when your document’s topic, formatting, or requirements may be completely unfamiliar to them. Wrong terminology, improper formatting, and a poor understanding of the subject area can yield poor results.

But here at Proof-Editing.com, we have many writers, editors, and proofreaders from a variety of academic and professional fields on-staff. No matter what kind of editing and proofreading services you require, we can always provide a qualified professional to go over your paper, document, or text. Contact us today by email or chat to find out more about our services and prices.

Our Proofreading Services vs. Our Editing Services

At Proof-Editing.com, we offer two basic types of services: proofreading and editing. For many people, they are the same. However, they are completely different in both provided services and pricing.

Our proofreading services include grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. This option is cheaper as it doesn’t involve reformatting your paper. We simply will make changes to your as-is document without changing its overall structure or format.

Unlike our proofreading services, our more expensive editing services include everything from our proofreading services but with additional corrections made to sentence and content structure. In other words, our editing service takes your paper or document into account as a whole and suggestions will be made to improve its order, structure, and word choice.