Business Editing

No matter whether you are writing an instruction manual, an investor's report, or a project proposal, proofreading is very important. Unfortunately, many business owners simply turn over the report to a secretary or virtual administrator, hoping that they will catch all grammar, spelling, and writing errors. While a staff member may catch a number of these issues, it takes a professional business editor to assess the soundness of your document's logic and style-appropriateness.

Edited Business Documents

Imagine that you need to submit a business plan to get a loan. Even though you and your staff members are familiar with the industrial niche, you may not be aware of the changes in formatting and writing styles that investors will look for. If you use archaic terminology, don't format graphs correctly, or don't cite statistical references appropriately, your business plan will look very unprofessional. While your ideas and business may be sound, the lack of proper formatting and style features can get the request denied.


Here at, we understand that business documents always have the goal of closing a deal and making money. We also realize that we may be privy to sensitive information while working on your documents. However, we only provide our clients the highest discretion and privacy because we offer both security and quality. All of our servers are equipped with SSL encryption, we carefully screen our authors, and document all changes. is one of the few proofreading companies that tracks your document's changes in Microsoft Word. After receiving your document from us, just look in the margins for suggestions about logic flow and then in the actual text for spelling, grammar, and vocabulary changes. This also enables you to accept or reject our recommended changes with ease.

All the writers at believe that integrity and excellence are very important. We always guarantee the quality of our edits and a full refund/unlimited revisions if you are dissatisfied. Contact us today via email, phone, or live chat to learn more about how we can improve your business writings for success. Why should you lose out on an important loan or getting a good contract with a prospective customer just because of your company's written materials?