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No matter whether you have been working for years on a novel, personal memoir, or any other written work, a book editor can help you to polish it before sending it to publishers and agents. Unfortunately, many people feel that book editors are a waste of time because they may not really need them. On the other hand, not using high-quality, book-editing services can increase the likelihood of missing all kinds of grammar, spelling, and structural errors.

Finding a Book Editor

As you search for a book-editing service, it is important to realize that a book editor does more than look for errors. In most cases, book editors need to have a good understanding and background in your work's subject and content. An editor with a background in your book's genre can vastly improve your manuscript.

Our Book Editing Services

If you are looking for a book-editing service, we can easily match you up with a book editor that will take a personal interest in your book. No matter whether you are working with historical information, fictional characters, or any other genre, our proofreaders will deliver expert advice and corrections to enhance your work. In fact, you may be surprised at the number of high profile authors that rely on our book editors to proofread their work before sending it to the publishers.

When you are shopping for book-editing services, it can be surprising how expensive they can be. In general, we have found that the least qualified, book-editing service will also be the one that charges the most. In addition to their high prices, they will also take an enormous amount of time for proofreading and returning your work back to you.

Here at Proof-Editing.com, we have dozens of writers on-staff who are dedicated to almost every topic. Each of our writers takes great pride in bringing out the best in each manuscript and returning it quickly with corrections. As an added bonus, you will find that our prices are far more reasonable than what other companies offer. Contact us today via phone, chat, or email to discuss your manuscript and how we can help you get published!